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By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

software - hardware SOFTWARE

Our team is composed of experts capable of assessing the quality of your software and/or helps you plan it. Sourcing developers, auditing technologies, optimization of code etc.


We also have extensive knowledge in the consumer electronics sector and more specifically in: Home Automation ; Connected Objects ; Audio & Videos systems.

All of our experts are engineers or have been working with consumer goods for many years.

Plastic ware PLASTIC WARE

Shapes and design are important for your projects our experts will help you asses the best cost efficient material. Define sourcing and quality control as well as production specificities.

Connected objects APPAREL & TEXTILES

Our team of fashion experts have a long experience and know how in the industry. We can offer production contacts as well as textile specialist (smart textiles for example).

software - hardware FURNITURES

The Fab Lab XL allows us access to their facilities and team of advisors in order to support you with any design or production need. Furthermore one of our experts is a very famous furniture designer.

Home automation MECHANICS

Our mechanical engineer can assist you with design optimization, production and certifications specifically for the automobile or fluid control industry.

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